Sunday, 19 February 2012


I'm just back from a few days in Stockholm - what a great city. Here's a few things which caught my eye...

Carl Stefan Bennet - View of the Royal Palace, Stockholm - at the Nationalmuseum
Carl Hellqvist, Valdemar Holding Visby to Ransom, in Nationalmuseum

Also at the Nationalmuseum, I discovered the superb winter paintings of Gustaf Fjaestad:

Winter Evening by a River

Paintings by Bruno Liljefors won't be to everyone's tastes, but I liked the concepts involved. He was fascinated by new theories of natural science at the time, particularly 'protective mimicry' - animals being drawn to surroundings where they are well camouflaged. This painting demonstrated his interest in the subject -

There was also a pretty good exhibition on the history of Swedish design; all the usual suspects were there, but I particularly enjoyed this little piece of presentation:

There were a few things of interest on show at Moderna, although I absolutely hated the video work by Eija-Liisa Ahtila. Perhaps most entertaining was the fake CCT - on your way into the toilets, visitors paused and looked rather concerned to see a monitor displaying apparently live footage of the urinals and cubicles... only to discover elaborate miniature setups once inside. Good fun.

I also visited the superb Fotografiska collection, but this probably merits its own post.

Many thanks to Barsby & Holst Productions too - for all your studio and event photography needs in Stockholm!

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