Sunday, 29 April 2012

Polly Morgan Studio Visit

I was lucky enough to visit artist/taxidermist Polly Morgan in her east London studio earlier this week.

The studio must be a fantastic space to work in, and was full of intriguing work-in-progress, alongside the solvents, glues, pastes, resins and rubber which facilitate her work, as she explores various casting processes in more detail.

I always find in interesting to listen to artists talk about how they ended up doing what they do, and explaining their own work to others. More often than not, artists tend to be pretty poor at this (a lecture I went to by the Chapman brothers comes to mind - they practically got boo-ed off stage), so it was refreshing to hear Morgan discussing both her progress and her technical approach with clinical directness.

There's a great interview article here (Independent) which will fill you in.

Polly Morgan has an upcoming show in Kings Cross, entitled 'Endless Plains'.

A cup full of chick heads... 
Resin mushroom casts in various stages

Drawings made from cremated animals' ash

Taxidermy in progress
Standard fridge action...

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