Monday, 27 January 2014

Dark Days

Marc Singer's compelling documentary, 'Dark Days', is about to be re-released by Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Here's a short clip - the first 10 mins are in the video below.

I first saw the film around 2000, and must have watched it dozens of times since. Disenchanted with his superficial life as a New York model, Singer started hanging out with the homeless around his own neighbourhood, before discovering the stygian community inhabiting the railway tunnels of NYC. Singer lived among these people for some time, before the idea came to make a film about their way of life - the honesty and camaraderie displayed by the various characters he introduces us to in the film is obvious and genuine as a result. His new friends acted as crew in the film, rigging lights and building tracks for the camera. The film also features a superb soundtrack from DJ Shadow, in his prime.

More here from the Guardian. 

Here's the first 10 mins of the doc:

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