Friday, 29 August 2014

Fabric Shop

A really fun project - a pop-up newsagent in east London, where all the merchandise is handmade - sewn from felt. Artist Lucy Sparrow took seven months, and 300 square metres of felt to produce this fantastic spectacle and although it's about to close, you can purchase objects from her site if you get in quick...

Guardian newspaper article here. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Man and his Horse

A fantastic short from emerging and rapidly-ascending film-maker Bennett Johnson, featuring the work of sculptor Nick Fiddian-Green.

The short caught the attention of the LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood, where it was awarded Best Documentary.



I finally got round to seeing this fantastic film recently - part documentary, part art, filmed aboard a fishing trawler primarily using GoPro cameras. 'Trawlermen' it ain't - this is an extraordinarily immersive experience that feels like an assault on the senses. It's non-linear, and entirely wordless.

It did receive quite a bit of criticism too - I sought it out after reading this brilliant summary from Stephanie Zacharek, which was meant as less-than-complimentary: a self-conscious tone poem concocted from oblique camera angles, shots held longer than it takes a tadpole to reach maturity and nighttime images enhanced with a psychedelic glow. An alternate title for it might be David Lynch, Gone Fishin'."

Even were that to be the case, I'd watch that...Here's a clip. 

Leviathan Trailer July 2012 from Sensory Ethnography Lab on Vimeo.

Single Brushstroke Dragons

The hiatus is over... back to posting some more random art-related spots!

The Colossal blog has delivered once again - although I think they feature far too many bland and generic 'expressive portraiture' and cheesy illustration artists, there's still some real gems.

A tiny studio in Japan has been producing small, cheap dragon paintings, produced at speed for visiting tourists. The brushwork is really deft and confident - they're great fun.

Skip to 2:25 for the fun part, but here's the whole painting being produced from scratch.