Saturday, 23 August 2014


I finally got round to seeing this fantastic film recently - part documentary, part art, filmed aboard a fishing trawler primarily using GoPro cameras. 'Trawlermen' it ain't - this is an extraordinarily immersive experience that feels like an assault on the senses. It's non-linear, and entirely wordless.

It did receive quite a bit of criticism too - I sought it out after reading this brilliant summary from Stephanie Zacharek, which was meant as less-than-complimentary: a self-conscious tone poem concocted from oblique camera angles, shots held longer than it takes a tadpole to reach maturity and nighttime images enhanced with a psychedelic glow. An alternate title for it might be David Lynch, Gone Fishin'."

Even were that to be the case, I'd watch that...Here's a clip. 

Leviathan Trailer July 2012 from Sensory Ethnography Lab on Vimeo.

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