Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mr Turner

Mike Leigh's latest film 'Mr Turner' opens later this month. It coincides with the Tate's exhibition focusing on late works by JMW Turner, perhaps Britain's greatest ever painter.

Here's a few trailers, clips and interviews.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hybrid Supercars

Supercars came up in discussion today at the Art Club as young artists tried their hand at developing a 'car for 2050'. This was an admissions brief set by a well-known automotive styling degree course a few years back. 2050 sounds incredibly futuristic, but for these students, they'll be middle-aged. Will we be jetting about the skies in hover cars? Will fossil fuels be truly scarce?

Enter Lamborghini, who launched their Asterion at the Paris Motor Show today. a 910 horsepower plug-in hybrid... 'Asterion' is the perfect name - many argue it is the true name of the minotaur - itself a hybrid, stalking the labyrinth.

More here at the Telegraph.

Read more about the history of design at Lamborghini, here. 

Check out the Transport Design degree courses on offer at Northumbria and Coventry - both heavyweight institutions in the field.  Also check out the New Designers expo for related information.